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Buddhist faithfuls attack Cristiano Ronaldo over his controversial photo

Cristiano Ronaldo's decision to snap a picture with him putting his leg on top of  Gautam Buddha has annoyed millions of his fans who are Buddhist faithfuls.

They're all calling on the Portuguese superstar to take down Face book picture and render an apology to them but Ronaldo is yet to hid to their request.

Rather than listen to them, Ronaldo has snapped more pictures of himself and his son and posted on Face Book, hoping  people will forget about the incidence. 

 Some of his hardcore fans who are bud dist had this to say about the controversial post: 

Shubham Pandey - This is disrespectful .... How can he put his leg on Gautam Buddha .... I was not expecting this stupidity from Ronaldo .... Sir today u lost one of ur fan this is very bad

in Htet Aye - That is a bad kind of manner for buddhism!!!u should respect other religion.U may not be gentle man with that stupid manner.It's so ugly!!!

Waz Tniym Gnian Hkt - Cristiano Ronaldo I am your fan.But you should respect our Buddha.However you're Christian or Islam or Hindu.You have a lot of fan from these religion.You're famous football player.I apologize you.Please don't do like that.This photo hit our(Buddhisms)heart.

Manuel Neuer believes Bastain Schweinsteiger will get back into Manchester United first team

Bayern Munich goalkeeper Manuel Neuer is backing his former teammate and friend Bastian Schweinsteiger to get back into Manchester United starting eleven. 

With persistent injury-worries and lack of fitness typifying his game during Van Gaal's era; Jose Mourinho has quickly decided upon his arrival to demote Schweinsteiger to the reserve team and focus on more important things.

But Neuer is hoping his former  national captain get's another chance to prove himself. 

Talking to Kicker, Neuer said: 

"I really hope that Bastian gets some consideration soon. We all know he’s one of the best midfielder in the world.

He belongs on the field for Manchester United and not training individually,’ the German ‘keeper added.

Manchester United coach Jose Mourinho has to play Henrikh Mkhitaryan- says Owen Hargreaves

Former Manchester United star Owen Hargreaves is baffled just like the rest of the fans and press why Jose Mourinho has refused to give Henrikh Mkhitaryan a chance to stalk a claim in the first team. 

Mkhitaryan has made only one first team appearance under Jose Mourinho and that was in the Manchester derby which he was substituted before the second half kicked in. 

The Armenia international is either sitting on the bench or on in the stands and that has confused the likes of Owen Hargreaves who is now calling on Jose Mourinho to re-introduce creative playmaker to the starting eleven. 

Talking to Squawka, Hargreaves said: "He needs to play, I can't believe that he's not getting a look-in. He would be a banker in my starting XI.

"He had a slow start at Dortmund too and he was the players' player of the year last season. He got 23 goals and 32 assists, which is staggering numbers. This wasn't in a terrible league against pub teams and I can't think of anybody who could put up those numbers besides Messi and Ronaldo. He's a top player and we haven't seen it yet at United."

Mkhitaryan has been mocked by his former teammates at Borrusia Dortmund who warned him not to join Manchester United and even the CEO of Dortmund has questioned his intelligence. 

"The thing is, he's such a wonderful player but I think he's also quite a sensitive guy. It would have been perfect if he started off flying with goals and assists, but the slow start has probably hit his confidence."