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Barcelona legend Xavi Hernadez still believes Arsenal injury prone midfielder Jack Wilshere will still be one of the best midfielder in the world even though he made availabe for loan transfer. 

Wilshere managed to play 141 minutes of Premier League football last season. Simply put, he played only two premier league matches before ending his season on the sidelines.. 

Also, the England international has suffered 11 major injuries since 2011, keeping him on the sidelines for a total of 890 days.

But Xavi still believes Wilshere will still be among the best and a loan deal will perfect to get back on shape. 

Talking to, Xavi said: "A loan move can be a good move for him. He needs to be playing, he needs to build up his fitness, and if he can do that I am sure he will still have a big career at Arsenal."

"It’s important that he is loaned to a club that try and play football. Arsenal have a philosophy similar to Barcelona’s in their approach to the game – and he should be loaned to a club who want to keep the ball and share that vision.

"He is a young player still, and if he can put the injuries behind him, there is no reason why he still can’t be one of the best midfield players in Europe."

Wilshere is currently wanted by Juventus, FC Porto and Liverpool

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Bastian Schweinsteiger opens up about Manchester United: I don't have a problem with Jose Mourinho but i want to play!

Manchester United star Bastian Schweinsteiger has finally spoken to the press about his situation at Old Trafford. 

Schweinsteiger is currently unwanted by Jose Mourinho who reportedly told him to clear his first team locker and move to the reserve team. 

Reason many believe is due to his lackluster displays last season under Louis van Gaal and his persistent injury worries. 

Talking ahead of Germany's friendly with Finland, Schweinsteiger said:

"My absolute dream would be to play for Manchester United and to help them with their goals. I have no personal problems with Jose Mourinho. I still believe in my own ability. I could still help United if given the chance."

"I have to wait and see now how it goes in September and October and how it develops. One thing is for sure, I'm not going to stop playing football."

Schweinsteiger will play his final farewell match for Germany against Finland and will be hoping Jose Mourinho gives him more playing opportunity with Manchester United. 

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Why Liverpool's greatest player Steven Gerrard must return to Anfield

Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard might have had all the attributes required to win the premier league title every single season but painfully, he left the club as an unfulfilled man whose ego was bruised by series of farewell defeats. 

Currently voted the greatest Liverpool player in history after years of phenomenal success with the Reds, Gerrard had only one task he failed to achieve with the club he rates as the best in the world. 

He failed to win Liverpool the premier league title cause he refused to exert his larger than life influence on the club's appointment of coaches, staffs and signing of players who were mostly useless to the club's objective. 

  Are the five main reasons why Steven Gerrard fialed to win the premier e title for himself or Liverpool: 

1. Steven Gerrard should have switched from Liverpool to Chelsea-

Steven Gerrard should have joined Chelsea when Jose Mourinho came calling for him back in 2005. He could have won lots of trophies with the Blues including the premier league title and then, return to Liverpool and retain his legend status.

O r move to Barcelona who wanted him back in 2006. Arsenal legend Thierry Henry is a typical example of player who pursued his dreams of winning the biggest titles in the world and today, he is the assistant manager of the Belguim national team.

2. Steven Gerrard never exercised his influence on Liverpool like John Terry did with Chelsea and Paul Scholes is still doing with Manchester United-

Why Steven Gerrard allow a rookie coach like Brendan Rodgers tell him his time is up! or make him feel unwanted with the club he loves so much? Is inconcievable.. He should have made Liverpool sack Brendan Rodgers and retire as legend.. 

Steven Gerrard is as big as Francisco Totti, Ryan Giggs or John Terry. 

Those players will never allow a mediocre coach like Brendan Rodgers make them feel unwanted. If only Steven Gerrard knew how influential he was at Anfield, he would still be a Liverpool player.

John Terry demonstrated his club power at Stamford Bridge by using the fans who will never except their legend to be maltreated by the owners or the new coach unlike Steven Gerrard who packed his bag hurriedly like an amateur to leave Liverpool.

3. Steven Gerrard should have confronted the club management over signing useless players-

He could have stopped the trend of mediocrity streaming into Anfield and forced the scouts to search for only world class players who are up to his level but rather, he kept silent along with Jamie Carragher and allowed the club sign hopeless players season after season with nothing to show for it.

4. Steven Gerrard shouldn't have left Liverpool like an amateur, he should have retired wearing the Jersey like Jamie Carragher-

Once again, Gerrard should have pushed for the sacking of Brendan Rodgers (when he was with the club) and forced the management to bring in a world renowned coach like Carlos Ancelotti to win titles and retire with pride just like Jamie Carragher.

Gerrard would have joined legends like Jamie Carragher, Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs as a one -man- team.

Playing in the MLS is embarrassing, Gerrard deserve more than that.. 

5. Steven Gerrard should have stayed behind as a player-coach or assistant coach-

Steven Gerrard should have followed the path of Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs who became a player-coach and later, the assistant manager of the club he loves so much. 

Unlike Sir Alex Ferguson, Jurgen Klopp is a brilliant coach who is good at taking clubs to major finals but winning the trophy is another issue on its own..

Steven Gerrard is the future coach of Liverpool and he has what it takes to lead Liverpool back to the glory and hopefully, winning the club's first premier league title. YNWA..  

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